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Gold Templates

Gold Templates Index #

Below are the list of gold templates available

Template Name Description Link to Template Latest Version Link to Sample config
Active Directory Builds Active directory adv2.yaml 1.0.0 ad.yaml
Airflow IAM Builds Airflow IAM airflow/iam.yaml 1.0.0 airflow/iam.yaml
Airflow Master ECS Builds Airflow Master ECS airflow/master-ecs.yaml 1.0.0 airflow/master-ecs.yaml
Airflow Master EFS Builds Airflow Master EFS airflow/master-efs.yaml 1.0.0 airflow/master-efs.yaml
Airflow Master KMS Builds Airflow Master KMS airflow/master-kms.yaml 1.0.2 airflow/master-kms.yaml
Airflow Master RDS Builds Airflow Master RDS airflow/master-rds.yaml 1.0.0 airflow/master-rds.yaml
Airflow Security Groups Builds Airflow Master SecurityGroup airflow/master-sg.yaml 1.0.0 airflow/master-sg.yaml
Airflow Project Builds Airflow Worker Env For Project airflow/project.yaml 1.0.0 Not Available
Bastion Builds Bastion 1.0.0 bastion.yaml
CDH Cluster Builds CDH Cluster 1.0.0 cluster.yaml
CDH Cluster Workers Builds CDH Cluster Workers 1.0.0 clusterworkers.yaml
CodeBuild Builds GIT Project codebuild/ 1.0.0 Not Available
Databricks Role Builds Databricks Role databricks/role.yaml 1.0.0 databricks/role.yaml
DMS Infra Builds DMS Infra dms/ 1.0.0 dms/infra.yaml
DMS Task Builds DMS Task dms/ 1.0.0 dms/task.yaml
ECR Builds ECR ecr/ 1.0.0 airflow/ecr.yaml
Glue Schema Crawler Builds Glue Schema Crawler glue/ 1.0.0 glue/schemacrawler.yaml
Network Infrastructure Builds network Infrastructure 1.0.0 network.yaml
Notification Builds Notification 1.0.0 notification.yaml
PAMS App Infra Builds PAMS Client app infra pams/ 1.0.0 pams/app-pams-infra.yaml
PAMS ADFS Configuration Builds Infrastructure for PAMS ADFS integration pams/ 1.0.0 pams/pams-adfs-integration.yaml
PAMS Infrastructure Builds infrastructure for PAMS Domain pams/ 1.0.0 pams/pams-infra.yaml
PAMS Spoke App Infra Builds PAMS Client infra in spoke account pams/ 1.0.0 pams/spoke-app-infra.yaml
Cross Account VPC peering Cross Account VPC Peering roles vpcpeer-authorize-peer-account.yaml 1.0.1 Not Available