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Known Issues

Cloud Foundation Known Issues #

“Could not resolve host:” #

Cloud Foundation builds are failing with error ‘Could not resolve host:’ in build log. This error is triggered due to Cloud Foundation repository migration.

Follow the below steps to resolve this issue.

  • Request phData team to provide an ENTITLEMENT TOKEN to access Cloud Foundation repository.

  • Once you receive the ENTITLEMENT TOKEN, add the token as a secret variable in the Cloud Foundation CI/CD repository.

    Parameter Name: cloudfoundation_token
    Parameter Value: Token received from phData team

  • Add the below variables in the build specification file.

    1. cfci_version: "1.2.5"
    2. repository_base_url: ""
    3. cloudfoundation_token: Parameter key name name for cloudfoundation_token
  • The above instructions will slightly change depending on the build tool used in your environment. Below steps provide an example for AWS codebuild.

    1. add the cloudfoundation_token as a secret variable in the AWS parameter store.
      Parameter Name: /codeBuild/cloudfoundation_token
      Parameter Value: Token received from phData team

    2. Update the the build specification file with the below changes

        cfci_version: "1.2.5"
        repository_base_url: ""
        cloudfoundation_token: /codeBuild/cloudfoundation_token