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phData Application Monitoring Solution (PAMS) is a set of packaged tools that provides observability for data products. It aggregates data from data products to help users understand the performance, error patterns, and costs of their data products.

Built on Elastic — and offered to phData customers at no cost — PAMS provides:

  • Cloud Foundation templates, information architecture, and best practices for Elastic
  • Prebuilt dashboards for understanding costs and storage consumption on Snowflake
  • Deployment patterns and automation for centralizing metrics and logs across cloud accounts and applications.

It currently supports phData services including Snowflake Managed Pipelines, AWS DataOps Managed Services, and Managed Machine Learning.

Why use PAMS #

  • Understand and minimize costs - PAMS provides deep insight into where cloud service costs are coming from, including robust storage analysis reporting to prevent overconsumption.

  • Maintain operational observability - Alert operational teams when KPIs are violated or errors occur.

  • Ensure Elastic best practices - PAMS comes with a set of Elastic best practices and information architectures to ensure data is organized and indexed with usability, performance, and scalability in mind.