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SQLMorph #

SQLMorph is an application that instantly converts queries from one SQL dialect to another. Essentially, it functions like Google Translate — but for SQL dialects.

Free for phData customers, SQLMorph works by parsing the source SQL dialect and creating an internal intermediate representation of the desired statement; it then writes this intermediate representation to the target dialect, and uses it to render the final translated statement.

As a true transpiler or source-to-source compiler, SQLMorph can perform complex transformations which simpler regular-expression-based tooling cannot. And as a SaaS service, it’s available to anyone who might need it, as opposed to only a few people who have the application installed.

Why use SQLMorph #

SQLMorph is designed to eliminate the time-consuming, error-prone, and highly manual process of converting SQL statements. This is especially indispensable when migrating between data platforms, but can help save time and minimize errors whenever you need to translate SQL from one dialect to another.

The tool (which is constantly being updated with new features), currently supports conversion between the following SQL dialects:

  • Oracle to Snowflake
  • Microsoft SQL Server to Snowflake
  • SAP Hana to Snowflake
  • Teradata to Snowflake
  • Hive to Snowflake
  • Impala to Snowflake
  • SparkSQL to Snowflake
  • Databricks to Snowflake
  • Netezza to Snowflake
  • Teradata to Impala
  • Snowflake to SAP Hana (Create table only)
  • Snowflake to Impala (Create table only)
  • Snowflake to Oracle (Create table only)

SQLMorph also supports the translation of Oracle PLSQL to Snowflake. This is available along with Oracle to Snowflake translation. Example translations are added under Demo->Oracle to Snowflake->Procedures.