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Tram #

Tram is an application to make managing Snowflake projects and permissions simple.

The Snowflake platform supports federated authentication; however, in order to provide secure access, users and database resources do still need to be provisioned within Snowflake. Tram streamlines this process, allowing you to quickly create and manage project resources within Snowflake — including users, roles, schemas, databases, and warehouses — rather than requiring admins to field requests and handle provisioning manually.

To facilitate governance, Tram provides fine-grained control over predefined access lists to provisioned resources. It can be used independently, or it can be connected to your existing Active Directory (AD) servers to control project membership. And its declarative configuration also makes it easy to create and manage complex information architectures within your Snowflake environments — improving repeatability and simplifying the process of cataloguing and sharing project data.

Implementation options:

  • Connect your existing IT ticketing software to Tram. User, database, and role requests can be created and reviewed within your ticketing system; once approved, new users will be automatically onboarded onto Snowflake.

  • Use GitOps to manage Snowflake access controls, databases, and warehouses as-code, using Tram to provision resources via pull requests and normal approval channels.

Why Use Tram #

  • Quickly ramp up new projects through the reuse of information architecture
  • Speed up user onboarding and simplify access management
  • Quickly apply new changes to Snowflake
  • Manage hundreds or thousands of project environments, groups and workspaces automatically
  • More easily create, verify and reuse complex information architectures