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Traverse Frequently Asked Questions #

What is Traverse? #

Traverse is a web application to help Snowflake users and administrators understand and view the privileges in their Snowflake account.

Where is Traverse hosted? #

Traverse is ‘Software As a Service’ (SaaS) and is hosted by phData.

Can Traverse be installed in my account? #

Traverse currently only available as SaaS.

What account data is needed to use Traverse? #

Traverse collects the following data:

  • user names
  • role names
  • database names
  • schema names
  • table names
  • privileges

It’s on our roadmap to collect the ‘properties’ and ‘parameters’ of Snowflake objects (like warehouse_size and comment), as well as table column names.

Does Traverse data from my Snowflake tables? #

Traverse does not collect any table data, only table names.

How do I get my data into Traverse? #

Traverse uses a scheduled external function from within your Snowflake account to push data to Traverse. The external uses a Snowflake API Integration object to push data to an Azure or AWS API proxy endpoint, which forwards the data to a secured endpoint in Traverse.

The import functionality is documented in more detail in the Import Procedure page.

Does Traverse need access to my Snowflake account? #

Traverse does not need access to your Snowflake account. All data needed to use Traverse is pushed to Traverse using a Snowflake external function from within your Snowflake account, run by your Snowflake administrators.