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Overview: phData Software and Tools #

phData offers a range of software, tooling, and automation to help deploy, manage, monitor, and govern data platforms and pipelines.

Our software is the formalization of the experience and patterns we’ve developed for our customers as a leading service provider for data analytics and machine learning. While each tool serves a different role and supports a different combination of platforms, all serve a common purpose: to help deliver stable, productionalized data products faster, more consistently, and with improved observability and governance.

phData software offerings:

  • Cloud Foundation — Provides a range of production-ready CloudFormation templates and build scripts that facilitate an automated, infrastructure-as-code approach to deploying data products.

  • PAMS — Provides observability across data products via a set of packaged tools built on Elastic.

  • SQLMorph — Instantly translates SQL from one dialect to another.

  • Streamliner — Speeds data ingestion by automating commonly used data ingestion and manipulation tools.

  • Tram — Simplifies Snowflake onboarding and access management, with self-service provisioning of users, roles, databases, information architectures and more.

Tool Function Supported Technologies Pricing License
Cloud Foundation Gold template library and CI/CD for infrastructure-as-code AWS Free Apache 2.0
PAMS Data application monitoring Snowflake Managed Pipelines, AWS DataOps Managed Services, Managed Machine Learning Free Apache 2.0
Streamliner Data pipeline automation Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Cloudera, Databricks Free Apache 2.0
SQLMorph SQL dialect conversion To Snowflake:
  • Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP Hana, Teradata, Impala
    To Impala:
  • Teradata
  • Free for phData customers phData EULA
    Tram User and project access management Snowflake Free for phData customers phData EULA